Newsletter – Term 2, Week 6 2021

Term 2 – Week 6 2021

Important Dates

Week 6

Monday 7 June:      Queen’s Birthday – School Closed

Thursday 9 June:    Year 5/6 Cluster Sports Exchange

Out of Zone Enrolments Welcome – To Start Term 3 2021. Contact the Office.

In This Issue

  1. Welcome to Sunnybrae
  2. Teacher Only Days 2021
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Samoa Language Week
  5. Enrolments at Sunnybrae
  6. Upcoming Events for our Pupuke Kahui Ako Community of Learning
  7. Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)
  8. The Resilience Project Special Event
  9. Community Notices

1.  Welcome to Sunnybrae

This week we would like to welcome the following new student to our school community: Georgia Farquhar (R1).

2.  Teacher Only Days 2021

Teacher Only Day

As previously advised, all schools have been allocated eight additional Teacher Only Days between 2020 and 2022 through the Accord signed in 2019. Our next  Teacher Only Days will be on the following dates:

Friday 1 October – Term 3, Week 10

Monday 15 November  – Term 4, Week 5

3. Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Project is gaining speed. We are creating a series of beautiful panels to be placed at the front entrance of the school that represent the cultures of the people within our school community. Our Parent Focus Group meeting on May 13th was a huge success. We are excited to begin working with different cultural groups.

Next Step: The first cultural group to begin this exciting project is our Samoan Family Group. We will be in touch with all of our other cultural groups soon.

4. Samoa Language Week

This week was Samoa Language Week. This year’s theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana SamoaSamoa Language Week 2021 was Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale which means strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive. When you’re building a foundation for a fale (house) it can’t have a weak foundation or posts. This is the same for the foundations of our families, schools and churches that play an important role in strengthening Gagana Samoa (the Samoan Language). Language is important for the foundations of our overall wellbeing.

This week at Sunnybrae we celebrated Samoa Language Week in the following ways:

  • Displaying books and artefacts in our school library
  • Listening and responding to Samoan music 
  • Completing simple literacy and numeracy activities that acknowledge the Samoan language
  • Encouraging our Samoan students to wear traditional clothing

Below: Our proud Samoan students dressed in their traditional costumes. From left: Quezon Malaeulu (R14), Issac Vine (R19), Ryker Keeling (R16) and Noah Pirie (R13).


5. Enrolments at Sunnybrae

If you live ‘in zone’ and have a child turning 5 within the next year, please make sure you enrol them as soon as possible. Please also encourage any new in zone families to enrol their children as soon as they can to help us with future planning.

Our ‘Out of Zone’ numbers for Term 3 Enrolments will be announced next week. Please encourage any new families to enrol.

For enrolment forms and further information you can choose from the following options:

6. Upcoming Events for our Pupuke Kahui Ako 

Pupuke Kahui Ako Music Gala – Tuesday 29 June

On Tuesday 29 June members of our Orchestral group and our Year 5/6 Festival Choir will perform at the Pupuke Kahui Ako Music Gala at Westlake Boys High School. Everyone is welcome to come along to this wonderful event. Please put this date in your diaries. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.


7.  Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

This week our PB4L focus has been on showing independence in the playgrounds and on the field.  

Our lessons have focused on: 

  • Choosing safe and sensible places to play.

8. The Resilience Project Special Event

Resilience and Wellbeing are key factors to ensure a happy and fulfilling future for our young people. In 2021 Sunnybrae Normal School staff are proud to be leading students through ‘The Resilience Project’. This evidence-based positive mental health programme builds resilience and happiness, focusing on three main strategies: Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.

The Founder of the Resilience Project is Hugh Van Cuylenburg. He will be visiting New Zealand later this year and presenting at The Bruce Mason Theatre in Takapuna on Friday 2 July at 7:00 pm. This presentation will be suitable for all ages and tickets can be purchased from

Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

Kind Regards

Lorene Hurd

9.  Community Notices

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