Newsletter, Term 2, Week 10 2021

Term 2 – Week 10 2021

Important Dates

Week 10

Thursday 8 July:

APPA Choir to rehearsal at Pt Chevalier Primary

Polish and Russian Families Community Engagement Project – 7:00 pm in the staffroom.

Mid-Year reports emailed via Seesaw after 3:00 pm

Friday 9 July:

End of Term 2, School closes at 3:00 pm as usual

Closing date for Out of Zone Enrolments

In This Issue

  1. Out of Zone Enrolments Term 3 and 4, 2021
  2. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  3. PTA Math-a-thon 2021 Fundraiser
  4. Westlake Girls Dance Performance and Workshop
  5. Girls Got Game
  6. Funky Feet Day
  7. Travelwise Crossing Promotion
  8. Keeping Ourselves Safe
  9. PTA Fundraising Initiative – Are you able to support us?
  10. Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)
  11. The Resilience Project: Sleep
  12. Community Notices

1.  Sunnybrae Normal School
Out of Zone Enrolments Term 3 and Term 4, 2021

Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available on our school website.

Applications for out-of-zone places are now being invited for those students who will become eligible for enrolment during the period of Term 3 and Term 4. The Board of Trustees has determined the following approximate number of out-of-zone places remaining in particular levels within the school.

  • Year 1 = 20
  • Year 2/3 = 15
  • Year 4/5 = 12
  • Year 6 = 3         

The deadline for receipt of applications for out-of-zone places is 9 July 2021.

If a ballot for out-of-zone places is required, it will be held on 12 July 2021. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

If you live in the home zone and have not yet signalled your intention to enrol your child later this year, please contact the school immediately to assist us to plan appropriately. Email:  or

2.  Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you for attending Parent/Teacher Conferences this week. Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed sharing this time with you. Mid-Year Reports will be emailed home via Seesaw next Thursday 8 July after 3:00 pm.

If you haven’t yet met with your child’s teacher, we will make contact with you next week to arrange a time. We are always happy to discuss your child’s progress or to answer your questions about our classroom programmes. 

3.  PTA Math-a-thon 2021 Fundraiser

Today our students took part in the Sunnybrae Math-a-thon to raise money for a permanent shade structure at the back of our school hall. All test papers and a letter explaining payment options were sent home with your child/ren today.

We would appreciate your support in helping your child collect their sponsorship money and passing on our thanks to all those who sponsored or made a donation.

There are 3 options for payment by Friday 9 July:

  1. Pay via Kindo (our preferred method of payment) – instructions on the back of the parent letter.
  2. Pay the money into our school bank account via online banking – Sunnybrae Normal School, ASB Northcote, 12 3053 0370789 00, please include your child’s first name, room number and the word ‘athon’ in the reference.
  3. Pay cash at the school office.

The draw for students who get over 10 sponsors or raises at least $50.00 and brings in their sponsorship money by Friday 9 July will take place at our school Singing Assembly on Friday 9 July. Prizes for the student in each syndicate who have been the most successful at raising sponsorship will also be given on that day.

Thank you for assisting us with this fundraising venture which has encouraged our children to improve their maths ability while at the same time giving them a chance to actively assist the school.

4. Westlake Girls Dance Performance and Workshop

Sunnybrae students were given a unique opportunity to learn more about dance thanks to a special assembly and workshop from Westlake Girls High School. Each representing a different genre, 5 troupes performed their own choreographed dance for the school. Following the assembly, students who had expressed interest in participating in a workshop were put through their paces. They learned how to warm up, followed demonstrations around specific dance moves and then worked in small groups with Westlake leaders to sequence a series of movements to music. The level of coaching was outstanding and the students were buzzing with enthusiasm!


5. Girls Got Game

The Sunnybrae Normal School basketball courts have been very busy before school on Friday mornings. A group of Year 4 – 6 girls, all keen basketball players, have been having extra coaching from two Harbour Breeze basketball players. 

Girls Got Game is a fun and friendly basketball programme for primary and intermediate aged students. It helps to develop movement and thinking skills in a fun and social team environment and aims to introduce more young females to basketball, encouraging them to continue being active and enjoy basketball with their friends.

6. Funky Feet Day

Thank you to all the wonderful walkers who decorated their funky feet and walked to school with the teachers last Friday. We had 135 students participate in the event and were so impressed with all the amazing ways you decorated your shoes. Matt Sweetingham from Auckland Transport joined us for our walk to school from Coronation Road dairy and was so impressed with your enthusiasm, funky shoes and sensible walking.

We had a prize draw on Friday afternoon and congratulations to the following Funky Feet Day walkers: R1: Timothy, R3: Zoe, R8: Xander, R10: Marley, R11: Aliza, R13: Viktor, R15: Elizabeth, R16: Florian, R17: Faith & Eddy, R19: Ayla and R20: Dominic.


7. Travelwise Crossing Promotion

Thank you to the following Year 5 students who helped to keep us safe on the Sunnybrae Road crossing last week. Matt Sweetingham from Auckland Transport came along on Wednesday morning and was impressed with the Travelwise team and their leadership. 

Maia Geiger, Mike Yang, Emma Ma, Chloe Everett, Sarah Liu, Ethan Fayers, Leonie Mackenzie, Archer Niu, Joel Simpson, Lachlan Raybould, Jamie Pan, Taika Zhang, Milo Wibowo, Annzu Suetake and John Lee.

8. Keeping Ourselves Safe

This week was the final week of running the ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’ programme in our school for this year. 

This is a classroom based programme which is taught by our teachers and run in conjunction with the NZ Police and our Community Constable, Steve Harwood. At Sunnybrae we run this programme every second year and Constable Harwood has been in classrooms each morning for the past two weeks to run the final lesson.

Students have learned:

  • to work out when their safety is at risk
  • how to keep safe when they meet and mix with other people
  • who and how to ask for help
  • to go on asking for help until someone does something to help them
  • that it is important to make and follow personal, family and school safety rules

Please remember to help your child to learn and know their:

  • First and last Name
  • Home address, including their suburb
  • Their parent or caregivers contact phone numbers

9. PTA Fundraising Initiative – Are you able to support us?

In Term 3, our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is running an exciting fundraising initiativeThe Sunnybrae Normal School PTA Raffle 2021 – 20 days of prizes! All money raised will go towards a permanent shade structure to be built at the back of the school hall facing towards the fields.

We will have fantastic prizes all set out in calendar format, one prize per day for 20 days. You buy a ticket, enter the draw and every day a new prize is drawn. If you win a prize and the calendar hasn’t finished, you get placed back into the draw for another chance to win something else! 

How can you help? 

We are currently looking for people to contribute $50 vouchers for our raffle. For example, you might like to purchase a $50 voucher from a store of your choice and donate it to our raffle. If you would like to gift a voucher to Sunnybrae Normal School please contact our Deputy Principal, Karen Rodger – or drop a voucher at the office. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

10.  Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

This week our PB4L focus has been on showing independence in the cloak bays and toilets.

Our lessons have focused on:

  • Keeping belongings in bags 
  • Zipping up bags

11. The Resilience Project: Sleep

The Resilience Project: Sleep

Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project has created a short clip about the importance of sleep. To view this clip please Click Here 

For more information on sleep and device management please click through to view the latest blog “Reclaiming Control of Your Electronic Devices”

Kind Regards

Lorene Hurd

 12. Community Notices

Takapuna AFC Holiday Programme

Kick off the school holidays with our fun football holiday programme at Takapuna AFC. Girls and boys from 4 to 13 are welcome. The week is full of exciting games and tournaments. Our team of highly qualified staff will ensure your kids have a ball in a positive and safe environment.

Holiday Camp Details

Venue: Takapuna AFC, Taharoto Park, Taharoto Rd, Takapuna, 0622


Week 1: Mon 12th to Thurs 15th July

Week 2: Mon 19th to Thurs 22nd July


– 9am to 12pm $29 per day

– 9am to 3pm $49 per day

Register Your Child:

Go to

Queries: Contact Chris Bryson on

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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