Newsletter – Friday 10 September 2021

Friday 10 September 2021

Alert Level 4 continues in Auckland

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We are looking for parent input on Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) which is one of Sunnybrae’s strategic goals for 2021. As you can see below, the team is inviting you to a Parent Workshop.

PB4L’s Recent Initiatives

  • Posters and signage, including our Sunnybrae expectations, were created so that PB4L is visible around the school and in each classroom. Thank you Kat Bambury.
  • With support from Student Council, we launched our school-wide positive acknowledgement system at the beginning of this year.
  • Procedures around staff responses to minor and major managed behaviours, including a student referral form to gather data, have been developed.
  • Created school-wide definitions for positive management strategies. These will be used in classrooms consistently.
  • A check-in/check-out system called our Sunnybrae ‘Bee Awesome’ programme has been developed.  This is currently being trialled.
  • Regular staff meetings, including specialised training with our Ministry PB4L facilitator.
  • Currently creating PB4L handbook for teachers and wider staff.
  • Our weekly PB4L lesson plans are being developed into slideshows to be taught in class.
  • Attended training sessions with the Ministry of Ed and cluster meetings with local schools that are also adopting PB4L.
  • Regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team, as well as regular updates being provided to the wider staff.
  • Zoom workshops and meetings held during lockdown with our support staff, new teachers and student teachers to upskill them in our PB4L school-wide systems and expectations.

In response to attending the Staff Positive Behaviour for Learning Workshop:

I really enjoyed making the time during lockdown to discuss the exciting new ideas in the PB4L programme at Sunnybrae.  It helped me gain some clarity and confidence about the specific needs of our tamariki, and the pathways we can take to fulfill those needs.  A big thanks to the PB4L team for their hard work, taking the time to answer our questions and acknowledge our successes.

Lily Vitoria – Classroom Teacher

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Team Leaders: Rachel Olliver, Anita Kinght and Karen Rodger

Recent GATE Initiatives

We are developing a professional development workshop for staff around the identification, support and teaching of students who are recognised by their high performance or potential in one or more areas, e.g. specific academic fields, creativity, leadership, communication.

Tongan Language Week

As a school, we celebrated Tongan Language Week providing a range of activities for families to explore as part of their home learning. We also invited our Tongan students to dress in traditional Tongan clothes. We are delighted that Winnie Ngata, one of our Teacher Aides, has been able to share images of her life in Tonga. She attended a significant number of zoom sessions across our classes this week where she has shared memories, stories and some precious leis that she created.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

A great big thank you to our hard working Sunnybrae parents and caregivers.  It is very apparent that you are doing a great job. Well done! We recognise this is a stressful time for our parents, caregivers and wider school community.  Please be assured our Sunnybrae teachers and TA’s are doing their best to provide a home learning programme for all students plus extra support for parents/caregivers. Thank you for all the lovely messages sent to our staff – it means a lot.

Remember, only do what works for you and your family.

Kind regards

Lorene Hurd


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