Reporting to Parents

Reviews and Reports There is a variety of school material that reports on reviews of our school programmes and performance, including an Annual Report and regular Curriculum Reviews. Summaries from these are provided through our school newsletters; fuller reports are available on request from the School office. We encourage parents to view and comment on our written documentation. You may also be asked to take part in consultation meetings as part of the evaluation process. Many informal occasions such as meetings, assemblies, school events and trips provide opportunities for parents to see programmes in action and become more informed on the students’ and the School’s progress.
Parent Conferences and Written Reports Parents are informed of the achievements of their children through student – teacher – parent conferences (formal and informal), viewing the student in the school setting, progress folders with samples of work and written reports. Results of assessments and records kept are available to parents on request. At the beginning of each year parents are invited to attend a ‘Meet the Parents/Teachers’ evening where the teacher provides an overview of the class programme and learning expectations for the year. Twice a year students share a progress folder of their work with you. Parent-student-teacher conferences are scheduled to be held at the end of Term 1, the beginning of Term 3 and on request at other times through the year. Written reports for students are issued at the beginning of Term 3 and the end of Term 4.