Vision & Values

Vision Statement: An inclusive school living our values and maximising the potential of all

Tauākī Moemoeā: He kura mākoha e ū anaki ōna mātāpono, e akiaki ana I ngā tamariki kia eke panuku

Values Statement   The following key values will be fostered in our school …

  • Respect / Whakaute – includes … empathy, courtesy, honesty, integrity, diversity
  • Independence / Motuhaketanga – includes … perseverance, resilience, confidence   
  • Cooperation / Pahekotanga  – includes … teamwork, sharing, friendship        
  • Excellence / Hiranga

Our Core Beliefs

  • Our school provides a secure environment in which all students are nurtured and helped to make the right choices in learning and behaviour. Self-esteem is enhanced.
  • We value and acknowledge a professional climate, teamwork, supportive relationships and high levels of performance.
  • Students, staff and parents enjoy an excellent rapport where there is a high level of mutual trust and respect between all involved. Maintaining a partnership with the school’s community and being responsive to the needs and wishes of the community enhances learning for our students.​​​
  • Students and staff, with the support of the school community, respect, care for and maintain the environment.
  • In order to foster a strong sense of community partnership, effective communication and regular consultation with all stakeholders is a priority i.e. parents, whānau, University of Auckland Faculty of Education staff, local pre-schools and Intermediate schools.
  • All students learn to show respect for, and value other students with different cultural backgrounds.
  • The changing and evolving learning needs of all students are identified and programmes developed and implemented accordingly. Priority is placed on the development of literacy and numeracy competencies. Students take increasing responsibility for their own learning.
  • All staff are life-long learners who engage actively in their own and the School’s professional development programmes.
See document below for our full Annual Plan 2020 and Strategic Plan for 2020-2022.