Newsletter Term 4, Week 1

T4 W1: Friday 21 October 2022

Important Dates
Monday 24 October – Labour Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 25 October
– Teacher Only Day – School Closed
Thursday 27 October – Art Celebration Fundraiser


Positive Behaviour for Learning
Art Celebration
Sports Update: Synchronised Swimming
Enrolments at Sunnybrae

Teacher Only Day
PTA Update: Fundraising Bake Sale & Sausage Sizzle – Helpers needed

Lost Property
Community Notices

Welcome to Sunnybrae
This week we would like to welcome the following new students and their families to our school community: Andrew Dace and Serge Nuñez –  Room 2, Eva Zhang – Room 7, MJ Nuñez – Room 10, Aukusitino Aupaau – Room 10, Amanda Zou – Room 18

The PB4L focus for Term 4 Week 1 will be on using excellence everywhere. Our lessons will focus on being organised and ready to learn.

Art Celebration 

Keep Thursday 27th October from 3-7pm free for our Art Celebration!!

In conjunction with the PTA and Angela Temata from Harcourts, we are so excited to be bringing back this fabulous event.  Every student will be displaying two pieces of art which are being sold for $5 each.

There will also be a sausage sizzle, a coffee and cone cart, cakes, soft drinks, raffles and more. There are prizes for the best art in each syndicate and these will be judged before the event. You need to come and view the art to purchase it.

Bring your families, and please bring some cash! Thank you for supporting our school.

We can’t wait for our school community to all gather together for the first time since Covid interrupted all of our socialising. Looking forward to seeing you there.

We know it can be hard to think of ideas for school lunchboxes and we hope that you find these suggestions helpful.

Allergies: Please note if there are food allergies in your child’s classroom (some common allergies are: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products or eggs) please do not include these in your child’s lunchbox. Allergy letters were sent home at the beginning of the year for those classes that may need to be aware of these. If you are unsure, please check with your child’s teacher.


  • Vegetables and Fruits (chopping bigger fruit beforehand can make it easier to eat for some children – a variety throughout the week maintains interest and ensures a balance of nutrients)
  • Grain foods (bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals)
  • Dairy products (cheese and yoghurt)
  • Lean meat and alternatives (lean meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, nuts & seeds, beans & lentils)
  • Plain popcorn
  • Rice crackers
  • Leftovers from dinner
  • Sandwiches
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Hummus – add some to sandwiches or put a couple of tablespoons in a container to go alongside vegetable sticks, crackers or bread.
  • A small handful of nuts and seeds
  • Cereal bars
  • Plain biscuits
  • Muffin or scone
  • Potato or pasta salad
  • Sushi
  • Pasta and rice dishes
  • Vegetable sticks – carrot, cucumber, capsicum or celery with an optional dip such as cottage cheese, hummus, pesto, greek yoghurt or tzatziki
  • Small (cherry) or chopped tomatoes
  • Fruit pottles
  • Mini salads – coleslaw or a lettuce salad with tomato, grated carrot and cucumber
  • Small packet or handful of raisins, dates, prunes or dried fruit


Each day at about 10am, after fitness, every class has ‘brain food time’. This is an opportunity for students to have a quick snack to keep their energy levels up during our morning lessons.  

Following are some suggestions for a brainfood snack:

  • Fresh fruit (apple, oranges, grapes, mandarins, tomatoes, feijoas, kiwifruit, bananas. Chopping pieces up can be more manageable for some students
  • Fresh vegetables (carrot sticks, cucumber pieces, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • Dried fruit (peaches, apricots, raisins, dates, prunes, bananas)
  • Nuts and seeds

Please do not include:  lollies, lollipops, marshmallows, chocolate bars or chocolates in your child’s lunchbox.

Water Only
We are a water only school and encourage our students to bring a drink bottle with water in it each day to school. We also have drinking fountains in the playgrounds and students are able to refill drink bottles in their classrooms or from the taps attached to the drinking fountains.
Please do not send:  Flavoured milk (eg.chocolate, strawberry, banana), energy drinks or juice.

Exeloo Supporting Sunnybrae

Thank you to Craig van Asch and Andy Harris (Owners of Exeloo) for their donations to date. In the first week of the holiday period, the Exeloo staff invited Lorene Hurd, Principal and Piyal Ranasinghe, Caretaker to their two factories for a fundraising event. All proceeds go to purchase power tools for Piyal to use on projects at school. Also over the holiday period an Exeloo staff member, Raidon Johnstone made a new steel workbench for our caretaker shed. Craig and Raidon kindly delivered it to the school in the second week of the holidays. It is a work of art. Also thank you to Craig for reaching out to his supplier of fibre sheet board, Graham who donated two power tools to the caretaker shed. This is most timely as Piyal has been using his tools from home to complete tasks at school. Craig and the Exeloo team continue to work with other suppliers such as Carters to attain more tools for the school. This support means a lot.

Raidon, Piyal and Craig with the custom made work bench by Exeloo.


Synchronised Swimming

Congratulations to Sarah from Room 18 for competing in the recent Artistic Swimming New Zealand National Championships 2022.
Sarah showed outstanding results and won:

1st place in Dolphin Combo category (team result).
2nd place in Dolphin Figures category (individual result). 
Sunnybrae Normal School and Auckland Mermaids Synchronised Swimming Club is very proud of her achievements.
Prospective Parents Meeting
Sunnybrae Normal School would like to invite all parents who are considering sending their child to our school in the next year to a meeting. Please join us on Wednesday 2 November at 10am. We will share information about the school and explain how we bring quality learning and our core values to school life.  
If you are interested in hearing more about Sunnybrae Normal School, please RSVP to the office on or 09 443 5058.
Enrolments at Sunnybrae Normal School
If you live ‘in zone’ and have a child turning 5 this year, please make sure you enrol your child/children as soon as possible. Please also encourage any new ‘in zone families to enrol their children as this helps us with future planning. Please visit our website and complete the enrolment form.

Out of Zone Ballot for Term 1, 2023 
The ballot was held on Wednesday 19 October 2022 and have informed families of the outcome of the ballot.

Teacher Only Day
There will be a Teacher Only Day on Tuesday 25 October 2022. The YMCA is offering child care for the day if you are interested.


*We need your help with our Art Celebration
If you are able to help with setting up, selling food, cooking sausages and clean up duties please email 

Time slots available from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

Kind regards
Lorene Hurd,

Please note that all children are to be collected from school by 3.15pm. If you are unable to collect before this time, you my be interested in booking your child into the YMCA after school club held in the hall.  


Brain Play teaches science & technology classes to Kiwi kids aged 5 – 13. Find us all across  Auckland and online these holidays! Topics include 3D printing, electronics, coding, Minecraft, animation, STEM experiments & more! We run regular events during term time and holidays, including free ones! Make sure to follow us on social media and check the Events page on the website so you don’t miss out. Check out our Holiday timetable on our website and use the form to get in touch –

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