Welcome the the 2024 School Year

31 January 2024

Kia ora koutou,

We are so excited to welcome everyone to Sunnybrae Normal School for the 2024 school year, and we look forward to seeing everyone at 8:30 am tomorrow morning.

Room 1: Wendy Frazer (Year 1)
Room 4: Catherine Young and Monique Jansen (Year 1)
Room 5: Brittney Hight (Year 1)
Room 8: Liz Kwon (Year 1-2)
Room 10: Eva Roding (Year 1-2)
Room 11: Claire Everett (Year 1-2)
Room 12: Rachel Olliver (Year 3-4)
Room 13: Anna Blair (Year 3-4)
Room 14: Catrina Scott (Year 3-4)
Room 15: Melinda Clow (Year 3-4)
Room 16: Carolyn Hutton (Year 4-5)
Room 17: Jasmine Kim (Year 5-6)
Room 18: Miranda Blincoe (Year 5-6)
Room 19: Mary Waters (Year 5-6)
Room 20: Stephen Gordon (Year 5-6)
Music Room: Mr Vella (music and drama specialist)
Room 9: Rachel Poole (literacy support)
Part time teachers: Viv Morely, Brooke Dorset and Heidi Fegan
Deputy Principal and SENCo Y1-3: Helen Rennie-Younger
Deputy Principal and SENCo Y4-6: Jane Sharpe
Principal: Lorene Hurd

During Term 1, all classes will participate in a series of 8 swimming lessons. Taking part in swimming lessons is compulsory as it is part of the New Zealand Curriculum and a valuable life skill. We would also like to highlight the significant amount of money that the lessons cost the school. The school pays for every student in the class to have their 8 swimming lessons with specialist swimming instructors. If a child misses a lesson, the cost of the lesson is non-refundable.

These swimming instructors are skilled at catering to all children’s learning needs. At the end of the children’s 8 swimming lessons, they will receive a certificate that acknowledges the skills they have acquired over this time.

Please ensure that children bring their togs, goggles and a towel on their swimming days.

The pool will also be open at lunchtimes for children to have a swim if they wish.

Friday February 2nd – Wed 14th February
Room 20
Room 19
Room 18
Room 17
Room 16
Room 13
Room 14
Room 1
Room 4
Room 5

Thursday 15th February – Monday 26th February
Room 15
Room 12
Room 8
Room 10
Room 11

Most of our Sunnybrae Normal School home-school communication will now come via HERO. If you have not signed up for HERO yet, please do. Download the app from the app store.

We are excited about the features that Hero has to offer our families. These include the ability for parents and caregivers to:
– notify the school if your child is absent or late
– read and comment on school notices sent to your child’s class or groups
– respond to school notices such as surveys and trip permission requests
– view school term dates
– view a school calendar of events
– navigate to other school-related web pages
– customise your account by adding a profile image
– select how you wish to receive notifications

Please remember to download your child’s school report from Seesaw before it is too late. The Seesaw accounts do not roll over from class to class, so you will lose access to the report if it is not downloaded.

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to school for an exciting and engaging year of learning.